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Redl Designs Slideshow
Redl Designs Slideshow
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Welcome To Redl Designs

Hand knit hats, scarves, and accessories

Founded in 2012, Redl Designs strives to create knitted scarves, hats and other accessories that are elegant, fun, comfortable and of impeccable quality. All of the handmade products are made in Humboldt County, California, in an eco-friendly and low-carbon footprint home.

What you wear should be soothing to touch, complement your style and be made to last. Extra care is taken for every piece to ensure it is comfortable to wear and will remain durable.

Design elements are worked in to keep every accent in place and to accommodate the wearer, such as making a knitted hat that keeps the ears extra warm but still breathable or ensuring a ribbon won’t slip out of place by adding extra support and stitching.

image of curved paper used as a section divider for Redl Designs

Supporting women owned businesses

My favorite sources of yarn for Redl Designs come from two women-owned businesses I am proud to support:

Not Just Yarns in Minnesota

Image of different yarnsOwner Sandy Kunath started creating yarns because she wanted particular textures and colors that she couldn’t find for sale. She raises glacial ridge alpacas, sheep, angora rabbits and blends their fur with other fibers to create individual yarns that excite the senses while looking and feeling amazing.

Sandy says, "I discovered that raising my own fiber gave me the peace of mind and quality of fiber that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Finally finishing the circle glacial ridge alpacas and notjustyarns became a reality ten years ago and we haven’t regretted a moment since."

You can learn more about these amazing fibers by visiting her site at

Nepal-based Women’s Collective

Image of silk yarn used by Redl Designs to knit a scraf The recycled silk yarn this collective creates is the byproduct of colorful saris worn by women in South Asia. The loose ends of saris are collected from industrial mills in India and then hand spun into this colorful and soft yarn in Nepal. The vibrant colors and unique texture of the silk yarn are inspirational to designers, knitters and artisans. The popularity of recycled silk yarn has extended beyond Nepal and India and has created an empowering cottage industry primarily benefitting women. Working with women’s development groups in Nepal to produce this unique yarn, the women spin the yarn and make various knitwear in their homes to provide additional income to support and improve their family’s earnings.